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FeedBlendr to start FeedBurning?

So FeedBlendr has only really been publicly operational for a couple of days now, and already I’m transferring around 120Mb of data per day. This is cool, but it’s also a little concerning. I love providing a service, but I don’t want to kill my hosting plan through abusing my bandwidth.

But wait, there’s hope.

The guys over at FeedBurner really know what they’re doing when it comes to managing feeds and providing added value. I got to thinking “gee, it’d be nice if I could manage all my feeds through FeedBurner, which would not only give me a break on my bandwidth, but it’d also allow me to add some cool features to those blended feeds.” Enter the FeedBurner Feed Management API! Genius.

I’m looking into what it’ll take to transfer everything over to automatically publishing all feeds created on FeedBlendr through FeedBurner, and adding some options for cool things like FeedFlare to blended feeds. Updates here as they happen…

UPDATE 2006-01-23: I’ve noticed that according to this post, normal accounts are restricted to 20 burned feeds. Obviously this would be a problem for FeedBlendr (there are already nearly 80 blends running), so I’m contacting the guys at FeedBurner to see if there’s something we can work out between us.

10 Responses to “FeedBlendr to start FeedBurning?”

  1. Oskr Says:

    Hi, i’ve got a blend runnig and the last days the feed is not working ok, the system does not modify the feed of any of my feeds in my blend.
    Do you know is for this reason of your host? or what?

    Thanks and goog job for this system

  2. beau Says:

    Hi Oskr, can you please let me know which blend in particular (the URL to the blend) you’re having trouble with and I’ll see if I can figure out what’s going on.

    That’s assuming you’re still having problems.



  3. Oskr Says:

    Hi, this is my feed:

    And now is not working.
    thanks for your help.

  4. Benjamin Says:


    reading your post, we have the solution to your problem. Our service, called ( offers exactly what you are looking for: offload bandwidth and processing from your server. It’s free, plus you get to add an unlimited number of feeds. And it’s really EASY to use, no coding needed.


    to start using the feed mentionned (, simply add “” to the URL, like this:

    Et voilĂ ! You got your feed cached. Plus, thousands of other RSScache users can now search for it.

    Hope this helps. Contact me for other questions.

  5. beau Says:

    Thanks Ben, as you’ll see in this post, I’ve actually been checking out your service as an option for handling my feeds, so I’m going to look into it a little more and make sure that I can do what I want to do, and then look at rolling FeedBlendr feeds through your service.

    I’ll let you know how I go with it!

  6. beau Says:

    Hey Oskr, I can’t really see anything wrong with your blend – it appears to be working on first glance for me. Can you ellaborate on what the problem is perhaps? I see you’re blending 10 different feeds, and I can see posts from all 10 of them showing up in the feed. I noticed that you have a lot of international characters in there which are perhaps causing problems in your news reader?

    If you can tell me exactly what’s not working I can see if I can figure it out.



  7. Oskr Says:

    Hi, my big problem is allways the same: The feed does not update any of the 10 feeds!

    Allways are the same posts on the rss generated by feedblendr and i d’on t’ understand this.

    I konw that i’ve got a lot of international characters, but this is not the problem, i think.

  8. beau Says:

    Part of the problem is possibly the international characters, since I know that the code libraries I’m using don’t support Unicode properly. I’m looking into options about how to do that properly. Another thing that might be throwing you is that the feeds are cached on my server to speed things up. It’s possible that you won’t see an update for up to 6 hours on a blend, due to the combined caching of the source feeds and also the blended version.

  9. Michael Says:

    Hi. I’m afraid this is probably a really dumb and boring question, but I’m a bit new to all this.
    What exactly should I do to use Feedblendr with Feedburner? Basically I want to offer visitors the option to subscribe to a blended feed, but for Feedburner to continue to them as separate feeds. Will it work if I blend the two burned feeds and offer visitors the blended one? Or does it need to be the other way round: blend the original feeds, burn the result and offer visitors the burned one?

  10. beau Says:

    Michael, personally, I’d recommend that you blend multiple feeds (probably the ones direct from your site) and then Burn that feed with FeedBurner, and give your users the FeedBurner URL to subscribe to. You might also (for whatever reason, Blend multiple Burned feeds, then Burn the Blended feed (wow, that sounds confusing :).