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OPML Feed Import

More News! FeedBlendr now supports OPML by allowing you to either upload a file from your computer or specify a URL if you have an OPML file available online somewhere (HINT: If you maintin a blog-roll through then you can grab a URL direct to an OPML version of your blog-roll from their “Get Code” link).

Once you upload or link to your OPML file, FeedBlendr will read it and grab out all the tasty feeds you’ve listed, then go grab them all and blend them up for you. Just like before, you’ll get a single new feed to subscribe to which will now contain everything in your OPML file.

Please let me know using the comments or these contact details what you think of this!

2 Responses to “OPML Feed Import”

  1. vinu Says:

    firstly neat design, sad people are just copying things right out of the box!

    I want to try it using the opml I have in my blogslines account. But the blendr says the opml is wrong! Could you help me out?

    my id would be:

  2. beau Says:

    Hey Vinu, I tried saving your OPML to a file and then importing from that and it seemed to work – sort of 🙂 It processed it properly, but then there were some feeds that it couldn’t access so it didn’t create a blend successfully. Looks like there’s something wrong with the way that I’m accessing URLs, so I’ll have to take a look at it and fix that up. Thanks!