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Design Theft

Wow – that didn’t take long. The wonderful people over at appear to have liked the design that Ray did for this site so much that they stole it outright and changed a few colors before using it on their own site. Wonderful. Here’s the message I sent to them through their contact form, I hope they read it;

Hi, just wondering what you were hoping to achieve by completely ripping off the design of my website, which was created by my good friend Ray Hernandez. I mean you changed the colors a little and all, but seriously – give me a break.

You didn’t even bother changing any of the id or class names in the CSS for god’s sake, there’s still a “blendr” id in there.

Hope you feel great about stealing someone else’s hard work without any attribution or even permission.

Get a life.


A quick whois says that the domain ‘’ (which, incidentally, appears to be connected to another very dodgy-looking domain ‘’) is registered as follows;

Daniel Nerezov
4/38 Brae st. Bronte
Sydney, New South Wales 2024

Registered through:
Created on: 12-Feb-06
Expires on: 13-Feb-07
Last Updated on: 14-Feb-06

Administrative Contact:
Nerezov, Daniel
4/38 Brae st. Bronte
Sydney, New South Wales 2024

Technical Contact:
Nerezov, Daniel
4/38 Brae st. Bronte
Sydney, New South Wales 2024

Domain servers in listed order:

5 Responses to “Design Theft”

  1. KNK Says:

    That is weak sauce! I hate when they do that lame stuff, but sadly it is a common thing now a days it seems people don’t have any originality anymore oh why oh why! I wish you luck with fighting on getting that design down.

  2. Maria Says:

    i work for a rather large dot-com and we have that same problem… not only do they steal designs, etc, they also steal content! of all things! content! We put in so much hard work in creating our content, and they are making a profit off of it, just like that… can we do something legal about it? no! it sucks!

  3. Daniel Nerezov Says:

    A million apologies!!

    The thing was I just needed to put something online really quickly. I know, it doesn’t mean much, but if anything, I doubt that I infringed copyright….but I know that doesn’t say much.

    I should have emailed you.

    Of course I’ll fix everything ASAP.

    So sorry if I’ve upset you.

    But you know, they do say imitation is the best form of flattery.

    Please tell me if there is anything I can do to appease you.

    – Daniel

  4. Daniel Nerezov Says:


    Sorry for having been an ass,and that I haven’t responded sooner, I just didn’t get your original email because that form on the site is not functional.

    – Daniel

  5. Daniel Nerezov Says:


    Problem fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience.

    I’ve discovered and this won’t happen again