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FeedBlendr Publicity

FeedBlendr has been making the rounds recently and getting some hot linkage action from so great sites. One in particular that I noticed was this great little demo from Max Kiesler of DesignDemo, showing how simple it is to use FeedBlendr to blend together a couple of feeds.

Check out the demo (requires Flash).

3 Responses to “FeedBlendr Publicity”

  1. James E. Lee Says:

    That demo took an interesting approach; blend various FeedBurner feeds into one using a feed mixing service (Feedblendr, in this case). I just finished updating my article on metafeeds/feedmixes ( to include a reference to someone who did the opposite, using a feed mixing service as the back-end and FeedBurner as the front-end.

    Services like this are going to become more visible and desired as people start using feeds more, and realize the need for feed management. I like the way you’ve done this one, and appreciate you making it available!

    I’m making a “From My Friends” blend using my “links for you” feed (stuff people tag “for:jameselee”), my photos from my Flickr contacts, and the feeds from my friends’ blogs. Thanks!

  2. Stephane Says:


    Nice idea, cool web design, but … All I get is :

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘=’ in /home/.xochi/beaul/ on line 31

    Have a nice evening !


  3. beau Says:

    Ugh – thanks Stephane. The hazards of live updates :-/

    Fixed now.