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Heavy Load

FeedBlendr has been experiencing a bit of popularity growth, and so I’m handling more feeds/blends now. This has started raising some eyebrows over at DreamHost (where this site is hosted), and fair enough – looks like I’m using a lot more processor time than is fair on a shared server.

I’m making some modifications to ensure that caching is working locally every time, and trying to avoid remote calls when possible because they seem to be causing the problem, so please bear with me in the meantime if there are any problems. If you’d like to do your part, then please reassess how often you’re requesting your blend – you really don’t need to be hitting them every minute (which it appears some users are doing!). In the future I may have to throttle certain blends if they are requested too often from the same IP and just block some requests.

On a brighter note, if you love FeedBlendr and want to support its future development (bandwidth costs, development time etc), then please jump over here and Make A Donation!

Please let me know via comments or email if something is broken from the changes that I’ve made, or the ones I make in the near future.

UPDATE 2006-04-12: Previous changes didn’thave enough of an effect, so I’ve made some more caching changes and will wait to see what effect they have on my processor load problems.

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