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FeedBlendr… Not Relocating Anywhere

Change of plans!

Thanks to a new policy at DreamHost, there’s no immediate need to relocate, so FeedBlendr will be staying right where it is for now.

I’m hoping to get a bit of a chance to do some refactoring and what-not in the near future though, which will make blendr a little more flexible, and a little more standards compliant 🙂

One Response to “FeedBlendr… Not Relocating Anywhere”

  1. Suresh Says:

    one of my feedblendr feeds has been down for a few days now (down, as in bloglines not being able to get any data out of it): this happens from time to time, and I was wondering if there was some reason for this (the pending move, or changes in the code etc ?)

    the feed id is 2454, and another feed that appears to be down is 2482

    thanks ! i really like using feedblendr since there aren’t any good web-based river of news aggregators.