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Beta 2 Online and Testing

A new beta version of FeedBlendr is now online at so please check it out. This version adds/updates:

  • Improved date-sorting
  • OPML output (and improved OPML handling on import/blend creation)
  • In-linking (allows you to pre-fill the Blendr homepage with details via a link)
  • The integrated feed-reader now supports embedded media players for videos and audio!
  • JSON output
  • Improved handling of source feed errors
  • Some good info on the Developers Page
  • Lots of smaller bug fixes

Please try it out and again – let me know how it goes!

10 Responses to “Beta 2 Online and Testing”

  1. John Says:

    Hey, dude!
    The beta version is quite poor on extracting content from Blogger ( The links that it creates doesn’t even lead to the original content, but to some useless non-formated crap.. Give it a test yourself and you’ll see what I meen. Just a tip.

  2. beau Says:

    Hi John – perhaps you could give me some specific examples of what you’re doing/trying to blend so I could look into it?

    I’ve done a number of tests using BlogSpot (old and new) feeds and they all seem to work properly, and the links appear correct. I’ve just double-checked and it still appears to be the case (see for an example).

    Could you give me some more details of what you’re trying to blend please?


  3. John Says:

    Hello, again,
    when I checked the source code for the RSS-version of the feed you created (not the Atom one) i saw that the beta-version generates more junk-code. For instance, you can find three (not two) tags in every … tag, and only one of the contains the actuall link to the blog post. This could cause serious confusion for feed aggregators and xml-extractors – and for my feed program.

  4. beau Says:

    Ah now I see what you mean – thank you for pointing that out. Most of my attention has actually been on ensuring the Atom version is correct, because that is my preferred format. I’ll take a look at it to see what’s going on there, but I think I know what it is.


  5. John Says:

    the pleasure is all mine, I hope you’ll manage to fix it – cuz Feedburner is my new “second life” :D. I don’t know how Paypal functions or operates, I’ve only heard about it, but I’ll learn and I’ll send you some cash to support your great work.


  6. John Says:

    Feedburner?? ppffff, I ment Feedblendr.

  7. beau Says:

    John – the issue you pointed out is somewhat handled now. Basically what happens is that BlogSpot includes a number of link elements, because they are also used in their Atom API. Now, if you export your blend as RSS then the Atom-specific links should all be namespaced properly for atom use, so they appear as atom:link, rather than just link.

    Hope that fixes your problems!

  8. bike commuter Says:

    I simply cannot get this to work with blogger beta. Same problem as John mentioned, I end up getting links into the posts that look like this:,

  9. beau Says:

    bike commuter – can you please provide a sample URL that I can use to reproduce this problem? That way I can actually see what’s going on and try to fix it. Sounds like the “id” of a post is incorrectly being interpreted as the “link” for it.

  10. Manuel T. Laveaga Says:

    I ´m using feedblendr .. but, I think feedblendr has a few features .. and feedburner have more options, included feedblendr features.

    I want to find more useful tools to my blog. I´ll checking your updates feactures. Good luck guys –!