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Updates Never-ending!

Another week, another round of updates and tweaks to the core FeedBlendr service. This week brings:

  • Fixed an RDF-parsing problem so that now you’ll get full content of a post if it’s available (was particularly affecting some FeedBurner feeds)
  • Added the ability to force re-check a feed URL if it fails (just click the red dot that appears next to it to force check it)
  • Fixed a few small things that were preventing feeds from rendering properly in FireFox, so both Atom and RSS versions should work now. Haven’t looked at IE7’s internal feed rendering yet, so I don’t know about that
  • Improved the internal caching models to speed things up all over the place
  • Switched over to a system that allows parallel outgoing requests for a pretty significant performance increase (especially on larger blends)
  • LOADS of small bug fixes and improvements throughout the core code

Growth continues, and I haven’t been kicked off DreamHost just yet (fingers crossed). I’m actually looking in Amazon EC2 to see if that will provide a reasonable option, so hopefully I’ll figure that out in the near future. I’ll keep you posted.

Keep on blending!

UPDATE: Looks like there was a bug in some of the caching that was preventing Blendr from picking up any new feed entries, but I believe it’s fixed now. Thanks to Orlin, Steve and benjy for pointing this out!

6 Responses to “Updates Never-ending!”

  1. benjymous Says:

    I think something might’ve stalled – my blend hasn’t had any new posts in the last couple of days (one at midnight on tuesday, then nothing more)

    oddly the atom version shows a different set of posts, (but none of them recent)

  2. beau Says:

    Thanks benjy, I’d actually spotted that bug myself as well, and now I think I’ve got a fix in there. The server is struggling a bit to catch up at the moment, so responses are a little slow (and I’m getting some errors because of my usage throttling), but I believe the caching problem is fixed.

    Basically it was incorrectly thinking that it’s cache file was fine, so it kept serving that up, when it should have been blending a new one!

    Really looking forward to moving to a new host with some more room to move once I sort out the details.

    Thanks again

  3. benjymous Says:

    Yup, my blend seems to have fresh stories in it again this morning – thanks 🙂

  4. Mellie Says:

    I love my SuperFantastic Job Search Feed

    For the most part, it works flawlessly, but it won’t pull anything from the last three feeds, which are all from Craig’s List. Did I do something wrong, or is there something about those feeds inherently “unblendable?”

  5. beau Says:

    Hi Mellie,

    This was actually a bug with the algorithm that I was using to determine if entries were unique (it was being tripped up because Craigslist doesn’t provide any “content”, just a title). It should be fixed now, and you’ll start seeing Craigslist entries in your blend as soon as the cached version expires.

  6. Liesbeth Kiki Says:

    that’s why it will never wor. Liesbeth Kiki.