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FeedBlendr and “Near-Time”

Slowly but surely, FeedBlendr is moving into one of the realms that it was originally intended to serve: being a true feed platform. Part of the goal of providing APIs and alternate ways of accessing blends is to help people use Blendr and the blended feeds that it provides in different contexts than just a normal feed reader. That’s exactly what Near-Time is doing – using FeedBlendr to provide feed services for their online publishing platform. In the words of Joel Bush, their Sales Director:

Near-Time is a hosted Web 2.0 collaboration and publishing platform that includes wikis, weblogs, RSS/Atom output, and a number of other tools. The platform is built around the concept of “spaces” – users can build an unlimited number of spaces and include an unlimited number of members. The sidebar of each space has a number of optional components – one of them is the ability to pull in an RSS feed from another Near-Time space, or anywhere on the web for that matter.

You can see the beginnings of this integration by checking out this growing Publishers 2.0 space, where Joel is combining the power of FeedBlendr to combine 6 different feeds together, then using Near-Time’s RSS module to pull in the contents of that feed and display them on the page.

2 Responses to “FeedBlendr and “Near-Time””

  1. aaron Says:

    I’m trying to use FeedBlendr to merge two feeds, but in the process, it throws all the items out of order. I can only assume this is because they don’t have a pubDate, but since it’s future events, a pubDate isn’t going to make much sense. Is there a way to add something to the feed so that FeedBlendr can sort them correctly?

  2. beau Says:

    Hi aaron. Not having any sort of pubDate will definitely cause problems, because if there’s no date, then what is the “correct” date, and how do you combine feeds together (perhaps just concatenate them together?). If you could send me the URLs I could have a look and see if there’s a way I can handle them. You can either post them here, or via the details on the contact page.