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FeedBlendr Up For Acquisition

I am currently looking for someone who is willing to acquire FeedBlendr and take over the operations of the service. It would be up to them whether they kept it publicly-accessible or took the technology and rolled it into part of something else.

Here’s some information if you’re interested in taking over (or just if you like numbers 🙂 )

  • Runs from Amazon EC2, so if you’re willing to add additional instances to the pool, it can scale out.
  • Currently almost 16,000 blends in the database.
  • Those blends are compiled from over 65,000 source feeds.
  • In February (short month), FeedBlendr pushed 150 Gig of data “in” and 200 Gig “out”.
  • Approximately 50 new blends are created each day.
  • According to, FeedBlendr gets more than a couple thousand hits a day and growing.
  • The site actually sees a couple hundred page impressions per day — the vast majority of requests are for feeds/blends from the system (that’s the point)
  • The (MySQL) database is hosted externally (on DreamHost!) but you could move it somewhere else (and I’d recommend that you do)
  • DNS is managed from DynDNS, but you could transfer it to anywhere you prefer.

Whoever acquires FeedBlendr will get the following:

  1. The domain “”,
  2. All code (PHP) that powers the site including the app itself, WordPress templates, site UI,
  3. The database behind the service (including this WordPress-powered blog)
  4. Amazon AMI used to host the site (to be moved to your own S3 bucket and changed over to using your credentials),
  5. My assistance transferring everything over to your servers/accounts/control,
  6. Gratitude from the people using the service (and from me).

If you’re interested, please email directly.

4 Responses to “FeedBlendr Up For Acquisition”

  1. Says:

    I would suggest first making the feed correlator and it’s service a public domain api, I just built something similar which uses the horrible mit Timeline layer tool in a few minutes and will be building a meta aggregator/correlator with caching of news (given so much tends to disappear) under public interest with distributed mirrors and highly analytic interface, but there are few other systems that properly present the resulting feed.

    If you are trying to offload it, I can look into merging it with the old (now shut down RealTimeNews and related/derived) projects, but I’d strongly suggest putting the system out for public consumption prior trying to sell it off.

    (project at the request of who’s 50,000 links to news on a specific topic are 45% missing or moved)

  2. Says:

    Here’s someone else’s demo of the simile with your rss aggregate.

    The bigger problem, is that news feeds only archive a month (american law issues) so any longer timeline that a client could request requires a cache and preferably mirror capability inlined in the resulting feed.

  3. denny Says:

    maybe if you state your price could attract some people

  4. beau Says:

    As a discussion point, let’s say USD $10,000