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FeedBlendr closing down at the end of June (2008)

Due to the ongoing costs of operating FeedBlendr, I will be closing this site down at the end of this month (June). Your blends will no longer operate after that date, and all requests to this website will be directed to a single static page.

If you’d like a replacement, you might like one of these alternate providers:

Thanks to everyone who used FeedBlendr and who made it popular, and it’s a pity that I can’t keep it running.

3 Responses to “FeedBlendr closing down at the end of June (2008)”

  1. Ralph James Says:

    Thanks for mentioning RSSBus. Sorry to see FeedBlendr withdrawn — best wishes going forward.

  2. mo Says:

    Hey too bad it cant keep going,
    it was an awesome service

    good luck!

  3. Peter V Cook Says: