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AWSome Meetup

Thursday, October 25th, 2007

I probably should have mentioned it on here earlier, but last night I was the guest speaker at the new, monthly AWSome Meetup. It was a fun event, and a chance to tell people about my experiences with Amazon Web Services and some related tools and products. Around 20-25 people attended I think.
My talk seemed to be well-received, and people were very interested in how to get started, some of the teething problems I’d had, and the learning curve involved in using AWS. Hopefully some other people will be writing up some of the things I talked about, so I’ll link to them when I hear about them here (please ping this post if you’re writing about it!).
Thanks to Sebastian and Donnie for setting up the meetup and for inviting me to speak. I look forward to attending future events and meeting more people interested in and using AWS.