Legal Mumbo Jumbo that’ll make your head sore.

Only nerds read these. Seriously.

  1. Description of Service
  2. Terms of Service
  3. Copyright Questions
  4. Guarantees
  5. Feed Spider/Parser/Crawler Information

Description of Service

FeedBlendr provides the ability to combine multiple, public RSS or Atom-based news/blog feeds into a single feed. This is intended for personal/private use only, but I can’t stop you from doing anything with the feeds you blend. FB maintains cached copies of both the original feeds and the blended versions, purely to lessen the load on the hosts involved in serving up the original feed, and the blended version.

Terms of Service

By using FB, you’re agreeing that you take responsibility for whatever you choose to do with the blends you produce, and that you won’t hold me liable for that in any way. I honestly hope you’ll respect the wishes of the author of any feeds you blend (if they make them known).

Copyright Questions

I’m assuming it’s ok to do this, because it can only be used for public feeds. I may be wrong. If that’s the case – someone let me know? Thanks.


I’m running FB off my personal web-host (DreamHost!), so everything is dependant upon them. Normally they’re pretty good at the whole ‘staying online’ thing, but sometimes they’re upgrading or whatever, and this site will be offline. Basically, no guarantees that this will work, that the feeds will blend properly, that they’ll be in the correct order, or that the site will even be available. Blend At Your Own Risk.

Feed Spider/Parser/Crawler Information

The code used to parse feeds in FB is custom-written and hopefully reasonably well-behaved as far as hammering your servers too much. If you have a problem with the number of requests coming from this direction, please contact me and we’ll see what we can work out.

FB should report itself to you with a User Agent of something like this; v2.0; +

which is quite possibly how you got here, in which case you would have already known that.